Working on 2020 Business Plan

We are almost finished organizing the logistics and program for our 2020 Classic Trading Tactics workshop. Though trading principles and technique never change, there are always new twists and variations.  And that applies to our own personal lives, not just our profession.  So I have always found it most useful to write my personal plan before year end, to find creative solutions to ways that my life has changed – perhaps additional responsibilities or constraints I did not have before, or on the positive side, examining wondrous new opportunities there are for me in 2020.

I encourage you to take some time out around these busy holidays to spend some hours alone to do your own planning and preparation so as to not feel behind the gun at the start of the new year.  THis can include any areas you feel are meaningful to you – from checklists and organizing time, to goal setting, to the nitty gritty details of what your trading program is that is going to give you and edge! ( last one is most important!)

For those who have stopped by in the last 24 hours,  the website developer is working on linking up the final parts to the workshop page.  We will send notice out when all the working parts are moving.  Get a good night’s rest and then start thinking about that trading program.  Imagine you are summarizing a two page write up of your program in a fund prospectus to give to clients.  That is the minimal detail you should start with.


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