Trust the Process

“Trust the Process – Don’t Ask Questions”

In all fairness, I saw this on the back of the T Shirt of a body builder at the gym. Since I do not carry my cell phone  or a camera in the gym, I recreated it with a prettier picture.  🙂

I thought it was a good analogy for trading.  Not the Trust the Process part which is cliche enough…..but the Don’t Ask Questions.   What does it say about your process if you have to ask questions of someone else?

There is an overwhelming amount of external stimulus, distractions, etc., all offering input for traders. In truth, it is the  devil’s lure waiting to take you out of your game.  Or, do you even have your own game?

There is no such thing as a true trader who consistently relies on other’s leads, tips, or homework.  Though it is fine to learn what other people do, i.e., part of the education process, in the long run, you must develop your own process and style.  Only then will you truly be ready to enjoy playing the most dynamic game in the world.

Mr. Bill is my trainer down in Florida.  I started working with him in 2000.  I started training again with him at the start of 2016.  He is 81. On his 80th birthday, he did 210 pull-ups.  He still trains clients at the gym 6 days a week in addition to working out himself.  His abundant energy, peace of mind,  and natural happiness comes from his process of daily rituals that he figured out for himself.  At one time in his life, Mr. Bill was an alcoholic and smoked three packs a day before stopping everything cold turkey and starting up at the gym.  His faith is unwavering.

You must have that same faith in your own trading process.  The year has just  started.  Now do your own work!