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The Strategy for Winning is to Avoid Mistakes


Las Vegas Workshop!

Saturday, November 04, 2017 | 8:30 am - 12:30 pm Short-Term Trading: Preparation, Process, Strategies, & Mindset*

30-year yields – weekly chart

Weekly yield chart shows potential for a major new leg up.  New highs for the year are quite possible with this structure.  (Bonds, of...

Weekly Wedge followup

The weekly wedge formation on the SP cash met its minimum downside objective of the weekly EMA. Sometimes these chart formations lend themselves to trailing a...

New Age Chart of Modern Market Psychology

Courtesy of a good trader friend:  only a Colorado sativa aficionado can come up with this....!  

EWZ wedge revisted

At the beginning of the year I posted this compelling chart formation of Brazil ETF that also correlated with bottoms in  Gold  Silver and...

Crop Report Cycle low

Gotta appreciate the way Cycle lows are made off Fridays crop report.   Check out the Dec hogs as well.  MRCI has long seasonal...