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Neil Pasricha: Happy Habits and the Recipe for Resilience

First - thank-you for your overwhelming interest in our workshop -we are closing registration Monday 6. We keep our commitment to limit the size...

Working on 2020 Business Plan

We are almost finished organizing the logistics and program for our 2020 Classic Trading Tactics workshop. Though trading principles and technique never change, there...

FREE WEBINAR: Accelerating your Evolution as a Trader

December 4th, 4:30 ESTExperience and Confidence are two of the biggest variables to providing an edge in trading. This is not helpful to hear...

Concentration Opens the Door to Success

One of 3 writings I've always had on the top of my trading notebook: "The first law of success is concentration. Bend all your energies to...

Maintain Your Mindset

Article from 2004....(nothing has changed)... I have been a professional trader for 23 years and am quite sure that my experiences in this business parallel...

Confessions of a Market Maker

These guys host a great podcast! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-19-guest-linda-raschke/id1467786723?i=1000456154002

Trading and Betting the Horses


Excellent Podcast – Listen to this is you want to be successful

Mandi Pour Rafsenjani on the cultivating the mindsetfor success as a trader   Click Here!  

Linda Bradford Raschke presents: Professional Trading Techniques  A TWO-WEEK CONCENTRATED TRADING PROGRAM Mid-Day Daily Coaching/Psychology Sessions provided by Mandi Pour Rafsendjani In-depth Volume Education and Market Profile Analysis provided by...