LD&K 2022 Trading

Can you feel it?  2021 is almost over.

And while it’s been an unforgettable year, the possibilities for next year are endless. We are continuing our live trading room for the amazing group of traders who shared 2021 with us – but in a new, economically priced format.

Damon continues to be the captain of the ship, providing trades and market profile analysis for SPs, NAZ, Bonds, Crude, EC and Gold. What would a day be without Damon’s trading stories and Rock and Roll sound bites!  Kyle is our main room moderator, pointing out intermarket divergences, chart formations, turns in the market internals, and our playbook of time of day functions.  Kyle has been Linda’s trading assistant for the past three years and is a chart prodigy. Linda is stepping down from providing live commentary but will be trading in the zoom room alongside others. She will continue to post nightly homework charts as well as host Wednesday night stock chart review, Taylor book club, and research projects.

Our trading room has built a superlative, supportive trading community the past 18 months. This interaction and camaraderie has created an environment conducive to generating trade ideas and research. Join us as we are running a one-time special until Year End.   Six Months starting Jan 1 for $1000!Yup – Seriously! This includes Kyle and Damon live throughout the day, our lovely 4 zoom videos running, and dozens of never-before-seen educational videos archived in the member’s section. In addition to our nightly homework sheet, there is enough material to last a lifetime of study. But, the real learning comes from sitting in front of the screens and trading…So join us for this one time offer and trade alongside our amazing community and of course, LD&K (Linda, Damon and Kyle).

$1000 for 6 months! It’s like paying for 3 months and getting 3 months free! Click Here

Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes to All,
Linda, Damon and Kyle (and Domino, our sidekick, who is the true wizard behind the curtain).

P.S. This is not intended to be a service for new traders where questions can be asked throughout the day. But, there are dozens of videos to watch instead. Our job is to focus on the markets, trade, and provide guidance for the opportunities we see throughout the day in a supportive structured format.

P.S.S. This 6-month special is available until Jan 1. The login and instructions will be sent out Jan1. ONE TIME OFFER UNTIL YEAR END ONLY!