Homework and TradeSheet for Tuesday July 2nd

SP:  Buy test of PDL, morning only.  Do not buy afternoon weakness,  (Close below  2969.25 Turtle Soup), came one tick shy of closing gap on downside

NQ: Held gap area 7726.

Rus – Buy Morning weakness after previous new  mo mo hgihs on 2  per ROC.

US:  3 bar BO….still coiling

EC:  Z day ,  2-per ROC lows

CD:  5 SMA Buy, Pinball Buy

AD: 5 SMA Buy, Pinball Buy

GC: Pinball Buy, Buy Day on further flush, daily EMA 1372

JY:  watch test of PDL for support

CL:  low TP, already completed 5 SMA pattern

S: low TP, (unusual for OD down )

W: new  mo mo  lows 2-per ROC

C:  Buy Day scalp

12:30 A.M. EST AUD Cash Rate

6:35 A.M. EST USD FOMC Member Williams Speaks

9:30 A.M. EST CAD Manufacturing PMI

July unleaded gasoline goes first notice