Homework and TradeSheet for Thursday May 16th

NYSE  modest volume yesterday.   Breadth oscillators working off oversold  condition.  Market is on a Vix Spike BUY (V reversal in the VIX).  50% chance the market makes it to the daily EMA – 2883 over the next 3-4 trading days.  Very good odds of  testing 2869.

A B C up on 80k tick could make move up into the 2869 level but must watch to see if it acts as resistance or if they move through and go for the gap fill.  2869 main upside pivot, start of gap.   Initial downside support 2852.

BP day 7 of extended run

Silver and Copper have low TP reading, Copper should rally further from declining wedge.

GC 3 bar BO

Coffee has funky 3 bar

Turtle soup in cocoa

Daily 3/10 osc has abc on lean hogs

Grains – Look to fill in  yesterdays  range to the upside:   All made new  momentum hgihs on the 2-period ROC.