Homework and Tradesheet for Monday June 10

Friday’s rally:  lightest volume day of the week. Good chance upside included some short squeeze. There is an unfilled pit session gap in play for this week below 54.75.  The tremendous upside momentum suggests the first pullback/consolidation to the 120 minute EMA will be a buy.

SP – Sell Short day – Globex high and low has set initial range…..

Russell – Sell day, exit longs.

US – Sell Short day  (bracketing market – fill out range on daily chart as osc corrects back down.)

Bunds – needs close below 5 SMA, Sell short day, but first 1-2  closes below can still set up a buy.

EC – Sell Short day

BP – hit Daily EMA, sell short day

GC- Buy first close below 5 SMA (COT showed commercials massively short so make sure longs are truly flushed.) 1329.3 first support node.

SI – 5 SMA Buy versus Wide Range Reversal sale – initial support at 1477 volume node, then daily EMA.

CL – Sell Short day

S – 837.4 gap, buy push towards this level

C – 407.4 gap start. Forming daily bull flag

W – 240 making A B C down…buy daily EMA

KC  three bar  BO

Low TP leading to potential range expansion in:  Dax, Yen, W, C, KC

Pinball SELL in BP, CL, NG