Homework and Trade Sheet for May 3

Indexes: Buy day scalp  (2-period ROC poised to flip up on SP , NAZ, and Dow.) All indexes corrected back to their daily EMA.

Bonds: look to cover shorts on any further weakness.   This market should trade below the PD low.

Bunds: inside day and breakout mode

Aussie Dollar: 6697 is the 20 day low pivot

$ index is on a daily 3/10 oscillator buy.  Thursday it was able to close back above the 5 SMA per our model.

SI & HG: new 2 period ROC momentum lows (should now consolidate back to 60/120 EMA)

CL: Buy test of PDL

NG: 3 bar balance

Soybeans: day 12 of extended run

Wheat: sell short day