FREE WEBINAR: Accelerating your Evolution as a Trader

December 4th, 4:30 EST

Experience and Confidence are two of the biggest variables to providing an edge in trading. This is not helpful to hear if you are a newer on the learning curve or struggling to gain confidence. However, there is an efficient course of action that you can follow to build your repertoire of trading strategies while at the same time building situational awareness – an essential part of decision making. Situational awareness is fancy lingo for the main component of context:  what to look for, separating facts from opinions, predicting outcomes and creating solutions.  Your ability to place things in context allows you to filter relevant and irrelevant information in order to make rapid and accurate decisions.

This webinar is designed to provide an outline for you to follow on your own starting with:

  • Guidelines for the basics of chart analysis
  • Simple rules for money management in the interest of capital preservation
  • An essential model for building market structure and identifying robust risk reward levels.

Plot your growth plan for the upcoming 2020 year and get a head start in increasing confidence. Build a working business plan that includes a defined process for preparation. Become your own best mentor for incremental improvement each day!

Register HERE (Space is Limited)

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