What is the trading room format?


The content is presented live on the zoom stream that runs 8:00 A.M. EST – 4:15 P.M. EST. There are 3 different zoom videos running throughout the day.  Members can watch up to 2 at the same time.  Damon will always show a video with the market profile chart next to candle volume charts of the SPs and Crude.  These are the two main markets Damon trades, with an occasional trade in gold or bonds. The execution will be worked on the same screen that Damon has with his charts.

Sunday evenings, Linda reviews stock charts and ideas for swing trades or simple overnight positions. We show different ways to scan for relative strength as well as sort by pattern recognition functions. We have started going to an open mic format where members share stock ideas or ask for a particular chart to be reviewed.

A TradeStation worksheet for the future markets is posted each evening in the members’ section.

Which markets are traded?


Our main market is the E-Mini S&P contract. We also make occasional trades in metals, currencies, energies, grains, and bonds.  Damon trades the E minis and Crude oil every day.

We also trade stocks and post ideas continuously throughout the day.  We do not make trade recommendations, nor do we call individual entry and exit levels for options, but we will say which stocks might be setting up.

What resources are there in the members’ section?


We uploaded educational recordings from sessions during the day, PDF files that contain relevant information, TradeStation indicator packages, as well as any resources we feel will be of value. The daily worksheets and game plans are also uploaded to this section.

Do we offer a free trial?


We do not offer free trials.  Members get the most value when they can follow along with the worksheets and game plans in the members section and we do not have the ability to manual switch on or off the zoom for just 1-2 days for each individual that requests a free trial.  Additionally, we do not choose to give away all the content in the members’ section to free trialers and this section is an integral part of the service.

What is your refund policy?


Once a monthly memberships has been purchased and the member has access to all the content in the members section, we do not issue a refund.  However, you are free to cancel at any time and your subscription will run out 30 days from when you started it.

How do we trade and what is our average holding time?


We are technical traders.  Damon uses candles volume charts and market profile and has an average holding time of anywhere between 5-45 minutes.  There will be times where a bigger picture technical may be at work in which case the bias or “holding time” would be of longer duration.

What is the software that Damon Kyle and Linda use? Is it necessary to use the same software?


Damon uses WindoTrader for the market profile charts.  He uses PhotonTrader for the Candle Volume displays as well as trading off the charts functionality. He also uses TradeStation.

Kyle primarily uses TradeStation for the charting he displays on the zoom screen.

Linda uses CQG and TradeStation. She uses the PhotonTrader platform for futures execution and Interactive Brokers for Options, stock, and futures. TradeStation also serves as a backup execution platform.

It is not necessary for a member to use any of these software applications.  Our membership uses a wide variety of platforms for charting and/or execution.

Is there anything one should know before joining?


This room is not appropriate for traders who have no experience.  You will get the most out of it if you are familiar with the basics of bar charts, formatting your own screens and trade execution. Most members have anywhere from 6 months to 40+ years of full time trading experience.