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ideal office for 2014

my ideal office! no distractions..... damon's ideal: surrounded by guitars....  

Fat Finger in 30yr Bonds

  At approx 1:30am CST there was a "Fat Finger" Trade in the US 30-yr Bonds. The bond market rallied from 130.00 to 135.24 on...

Holiday Thoughts…….

Always learning something new with software!  In this case, I learned how to display data in a tabular format with CQG...while this might not...

Tradesheet for Monday Dec 23rd

All indicies made new contract highs on Friday....... Metals are in breaout mode for Monday AD is on a pinball sell GC pinball sell

Goodmorning Traders

We wish you a Merry Christmas.

More slop and chop?

Good Morning Traders! More slop and chop? Indexes have three bar triangle pattern so CAN breakout at anytime. However, volume has been the key for...