EC Structure

Either 480 minute Buy Divergences kick in or EC travels lower to the next swing low and risks break down out of that weekly...

PROCESS – number one trait for success!

Good lecture reiterating the importance of Process - Discipline - Self Awareness From the London MTA meeting      

Member Visit in Chicago

Mauro (taratufolo) and I in office in Chicago.

Curabitur vel nulla lorem

Suspendisse posuere, justo eget mattis tempus, tellus risus dapibus enim, eu vulputate nibh purus ut ligula. Maecenas ultricies sem at eleifend ullamcorper. Phasellus eu...

ideal office for 2014

my ideal office! no distractions..... damon's ideal: surrounded by guitars....  

Holiday Thoughts…….

Always learning something new with software!  In this case, I learned how to display data in a tabular format with CQG...while this might not...

Harvest Time

@ $3.84/bushel $19,200,000 worth of corn