Opening Play for Tuesday 2/4

Feb 03, 2014 | Opening Play

A donwside breakout from the coil led to a steady rtend day down with heavy breadth.  Look for morning consoldiation – rally up to 15 minute EMA is a shorting opportunity.  Any
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Opening Play for Monday 2/3/14

Jan 31, 2014 | Opening Play

After testing the lower end of the 5 day trading range, the Sps were able to trade back into the middle of the range.  The daily RSI is oversold, but many shares made new momentum low
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Opening Play for Friday Jan 31st

Jan 30, 2014 | Opening Play

Outside Inside range day patterns are one of the better breakout formations.   The SP cash closed above the 5 SMA after a downside momentum move, but the futures broke hard on the cl
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Opening Play for Thursday 1/30

Jan 29, 2014 | Opening Play

Below is a 60,000 tick chart.  “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  The market can stage an oversold reaction  up after a large outside down day.  The pit session wa
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Commentary and Tradesheet for Tues 1/28

Jan 27, 2014 | Opening Play

Almost a near perfect Z day or consolidation day following Fridays trend move down. The market can have another consolidation day as the 120 minute charts start to fill out range.  On
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“Careful of Over-Exposure” -Opening Play ..Monday 1/27

Jan 24, 2014 | Opening Play

It has been a long time since the market had a true  classic trend day down.  A donwside breakout from a 3 week trading range has created some downside  momentum.  A typical weekly
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Yippee! Friday! Opening Play for 1/24

Jan 23, 2014 | Opening Play

   Wide Range Days across the board as an abundance of economic data both overnight andat home goosed the markets in all directions.  Below is a chart of the Eminis with the mai
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Opening Play for Thursday 1/23/13, breakout setups abound…

Jan 22, 2014 | Opening Play

Good Morning Traders!  Wednesday’s trading was a dull range day in many markets excepting Crude, Nat Gas and Cows. The SPs closed with an “Outside/Inside” day  patt
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Opening Play for Wednesday 1/22/14

Jan 21, 2014 | Opening Play

Both the Russell and the DAX made new highs in the early AM session.  Profit taking kicked in and drove the SPs back to the bottom of the prior range where good support came in.  The
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Opening Play for Tuesday 1/21/14

Jan 17, 2014 | Opening Play

Good Morning Traders!      Monday’s holiday session was quiet in all markets.  The DAX formed a bull flag, and in the evening, US futures rallied with Japan’s positi
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