TBT – Monthly/Weekly wedge

One can see similar patterns on  TYX or TNX, the 10 and 30 yr yield charts.  These long term wedges often indicator major macro-cyclical...

Weekly Cycle revisited

Two weeks ago I posted a weekly chart of EWZ.  It showed a descending wedge forming on the charts.  This same cycle shows up...

Brazil ETF-Weekly Wedge

Just in time to start thinking about Rio.....textbook terminal wedge on the weeklies.  The Dailies have shown the first signs of upside impulse.

Soybeans – bottoming formation

Nice long commercials position.   Long seasonal starts mid February.   Market showing support.   .

$weekly – large STD

When the ADX turns down, the $ has good odds of entering 10 - 14 week trading range to consolidate large STD move.  

Copper Chart Example

    Chart on the left shows the 20 EMA on the dailies and the chart on the right shows the 10 day volume distribution.  ...