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Excellent Podcast – Listen to this is you want to be successful

Mandi Pour Rafsenjani on the cultivating the mindsetfor success as a trader   Click Here!  

Ian McAvity has sadly passed….

Quote from Ian:  "When you came into this world you had nothing.  When you leave this world, you take nothing with you. So don't hate...

In Honor of David Weis, RIP

In honor of our well loved colleague, David Weis, an expert on Wyckoff and trading in general, we are making public a special webinar...

Free Webinar sponsored by the Money Show today December 10th featuring Linda

Click here to see the description for today's webinar at 3:00 pm PST.

Off this Sunday evening….

Thanx for checking!  We are not doing any Sunday evening review this weekend. I will send an email out as well as to post...

Join me Wednesday for S&P an Webinar

I will be doing a presentation after the close on Wednesday (aug5) 4:00 P.M. EST https://online.moneyshow.com/august-2020/speakers/2030spk/linda-raschke/?scode=050798 (Yes, I know, have been chided for this copy not...

Final session with Mandi Pour Rafsendjani

If you desire to be successful as a trader, the below session with Mandi beats any strategies, indicators or systems in terms of making...