Day Trading the S&Ps and Intraday Market Timing

Linda Bradford Raschke Presents:

Day Trading the S&Ps and Intraday Market Timing Tricks

I started trading the S&P futures the first day they were listed in 1982. At the time,  I was a floor trader on the Pacific Coast Options Exchange, but it was a big deal when the CME brought out this contract. It's been my main market ever since - now going on 38 years.  

When I left the floor in 1987, I was one of the first to have charting software from my home office. The S&Ps were my most profitable market because I developed a systematic approach that helped me stay consistent. Much has changed over the years, but much has also stayed the same - including my original process. Over time, all traders learn nuances about individual markets and a market’s personality.  But, one has to start somewhere, right? Let me be your full time mentor for a week - I will tell you how to think and what to look for. Let me show you live how to trade this market. This program is designed for those who are newer on the learning curve or have not yet reached consistent profitability.  It is for those with a burning desire to develop a robust foundation for not only day trading index futures, (or SPY or VXX options) but intraday market timing skills as well.

This intensive week long workshop starts with 3 ½ hours on Saturday morning, 8:30 CST.  But the real learning takes place when we trade the S&Ps live for the following week. There will be 1 hour evening sessions Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm CST, and plenty of time for questions Friday afternoon and after the close.

A good foundation includes:

  • Pre-market Game Plan
  • Framing out Structure
  • Determining the type of day
  • Appropriate Strategies for that type of day
  • Interpreting the market internals and tone
  • Critical Time of Day functions
  • Pertinent chart formations at turning points
  • Continuation patterns versus “V” spike test rejects
  • Secrets of good Trade Execution
  • Optimal Trade Management 
  • Improving Trading Psychology, Focus and Composure

Time will be devoted to the secrets of overcoming market challenges – draw-downs, errors, anxiety, and eliminating the risk of going on TILT.

A systematic approach with exercises to improve your tape reading and pattern recognition will be something that will carry you through all types of market conditions in the future. 

We will have FUN! All trades in my account during the week will be executed Live via video. The Zoom video will show you everything you need to know.  No fancy indicators or pre-canned gimmicks!

The evening sessions will include preparation for the next day, review of special situations that arise during the day, and continued teaching.  Lectures may be given over lunch in accordance with the market action.  Build Confidence, Build Consistency.  One data point at a time. Walk away with a blue print for success based on the original blue print I used to master this market.

This workshop is oriented for people who have a working knowledge of basic charts but have not yet achieved consistent profitability.  Though primary emphasis is placed on the S&P futures, the material is pertinent to any product that takes advantage of general intraday market timing.

The workshop fee is $899 for the Saturday instruction and the following full week program.

****Course fee is non-refundable once the workshop has started.  However, any balance may be applied to future workshops or memberships.