“Trading Sardines” is out!

After 1 1/2 years, Trading Sardines is out!  Heavy white paper, linen cloth hardcover, gold foil stamp and glossy dust cover jacket.  https://lindaraschke.net/trading-sardines/

Everything turned out A+++ quality –  Thank-you to so many friends who provided support through the process:  Greg Morris, Terry Lieberman, Perry Kaufman, Brett Steenberger, Tom Aspray, Steve Moore, Steve Ward, Andrew Swanscott, Tom McClellan, Peter Brandt, Dave Landry, Jay Kaeppel, Larry Williams, Mandi Rafsendjani, Larry Connors, Ralph Acampora, Victor Sperandeo, Rangan Padmanabhan, Hector Seda, Soheil Zargarpour, and my daughter.  I hope people have as much fun reading this as I do – over and over!      Go here to read the first chapter!  https://lindaraschke.net/trading-sardines/