Trade Sheet for Tuesday 4/30

SP cash index made all time new highs, but volume was typical light Monday volume. Tuesday is the last day of the month, but the SPs have a Sell Short day setup on the 2-period ROC.  The Russell made yet another new momentum high on the 2-period ROC so downside potential may be limited.  The VIX  closed up  with the SPs up, sometimes a caution sign.
The dollar index had its anticipated close below the 5 SMA.  And the EC, opposite – any further up in the EC is a shorting opportunity as odds favor a close back under one last time.
Natural Gas   is not far from its daily EMA and is filling in low volume prints from its previous markdown.
May Grains go first notice day on Tuesday – there often is a small relief pop the day after. Beans are still on an extended run down, so the first close above the 5 SMA will set up a shorting opportunity.
Morning numbers:  PMI 730 CST and Consumer confidence 9 am.