Opening Play for Tuesday 9/9

9-8-2014 10-39-09 PM

The Dollar index is approaching a key weekly swing high.   It has good upside momentum from an upside breakout.

Though it may appear to be short term overdone on the daily charts, this is a trend that can last for awhile.

The ten year and 30 year yield charts have a bottom on the weekly time frame.  This is has potential to trend back up and this move is just beginning.

For US Indexes:   Very key for the RUSSELL  today – there is a three bar triangle.  So far the  240 minute chart failed to make a full

retest up on Monday.  Treat Tuesday as breakout mode with the potential for range expansion if there is an increase in volume.

Main levels for the SPs:

Upside:  2006.50

Downside:  1994,  1989,  1987.50 (daily EMA)

SPs  roll to Dec on Thursday. Crop report on Thursday as well!

Excellent Trading to all – !


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Markets in BO Mode:

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