Opening Play for Tuesday 2/4

A donwside breakout from the coil led to a steady rtend day down with heavy breadth.  Look for morning consoldiation – rally up to 15 minute EMA is a shorting opportunity.  Any first hour rally or large gap up can lead to a short scalp.  A morning flush below Monday’s low will also set up a buying opportunity.  We have not put up 5 minute Bollinger Bands for awhile but will do so tomorrow.    Some charts below:   Weekly Buy divergences on the AD can lead to better reaction  up after upside breakout from trading range.  Beans also had an upside breakout from a chart formation –  look for a bit of continuation.  The upside  target for Wheat was thedaily EMA _ getting close,  this market is still in a ugly downtrend and may need some basing before a more sustainable rally.  SPs-  early trade up to 15 minute EMA will be a GRAIL sale fora  retest down down!  Copper – stretched that one last day down.   5 SMA comes in at 320.50 

LASTLY – EC Pinball SELL.    I did not put  up a chart example of this but it always shows up beest on 240 miunte time frame with   the 24 hour markets.

Happy Trading!   Linda

Thanx for the feedback on the new tradesheet format.  It should be easy to print out one you click on it.  You can then add your own comments!


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