Opening Play for Thursday 5/29


Good Morning Traders:  Two  more days left to May…roll to Sep Bonds and Notes. Roll to August Gold.

Indexes:  Pinball Buy on Russ and DAX…Hourly Buys…any morning  weakness is a buying opportunity again.  There is good upside  momentum, no distribution top, eventually all time highs in the Nazdaq and the DOW will come into play. The only question for Thursday is will the SPs  spend one more day in consolidation  mode …

Bonds and Tens and Bunds:  Cowabunga….Z day in order….

EC and GC – Buy Day scalp only (reactions up can still form bear flags)…CD –  mini  power buy on  120  minute

CL – Buy Day – watch test of Wednesday low.

W – due for consolidation/reaction  up

Make it a great  day!    Linda


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Tradesheet from snagit