More slop and chop?

Good Morning Traders!

More slop and chop? Indexes have three bar triangle pattern so CAN breakout at anytime. However, volume has been the key for confirming trend type of day. Otherwise, pointless to predict a direction here – watch globe high and low and 2 day high and low!

Have a great day!

Trade Sheet will always be posted after the close each day for you to print out and do analysis on. We will post our comments separately and will plan another class for the way that we like to use this which might be helpful to any newcomers!

Opening Plays

  • SP: BO mode
  • Rus: BO Mode
  • DAX: 3 bar triangle
  • Bunds: Buy Day
  • Bonds: range…
  • EC: Upside breakout, can start to trend
  • BP: still trend mode
  • AD: On daily Buy
  • CD: On daily Buy
  • JY: Sell Short Day
  • GC: Pinball sell
  • SI: watch hourly EMA
  • HG: forming converging trendlines on daily
  • CL: Z day
  • NG: Buy Day
  • S: BO Mode
  • C: BO Mode
  • W: trend mode
  • LC: …
  • LH: Daily Power Buy
  • SB :trend mode up