Linda and Damon Trade

Beginning on March 1st, 2020 Linda and Damon will be starting a Monthly Trade Room. This will provide a structured environment for traders that aids in creating constant flow of trade ideas and allows for interaction with other seasoned traders. Members will be exposed to new strategies, methodologies, and routines from both Linda and Damon that they can then adopt and make their own. The monthly trade room will feature two live stream zoom screens where members will have the option to toggle between screens to view what suits them best. Linda will also be sharing her trade sheet and homework ideas each night for the next trading day for your own personal study and review.

Each week will begin on Sunday night with a review of the previous weeks action as well as looking at items such as seasonal tendencies and market internals. During weekdays, the session will begin at 8:15 A.M. EST where Linda will be reviewing the overnight movement,  as well as commenting on the homework and trade sheet from the night before, which will run until 8:45 A.M. EST. From here, there will be a small 15-minute break and then Damon will be taking over from 9:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M. EST to guide members through the equity open using market profile as well as volume candles. There will be occasional lunch time lectures throughout the week by Linda, Damon, and their colleagues. Members will stay in a focused mindset by tuning into the shared screens which will be running throughout the day. If any pressing trade setups arise in the meantime, they will be posted in the chat or highlighted on the shared zoom screen. As the final hour approaches, Damon will come back on audio to re initiate a spark of energy to help traders stay Tuned in up until the close.

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  • Immerse yourself in a structured daily routine designed to improve focus and concentration.
  • Be exposed to a consistent flow of trade ideas that keep you in the moment. We trade 45% market indexes/ETFs, 40% domestic futures (gold, crude, currencies, bonds, grains) and 15% stocks.
  • Review Linda’s daily game plan at night with chart examples posted for the next day.
  • Join us online at 8:15 AM EST for overnight assessment and review of the game plan.
  • Listen to Damon’s first hour guidance starting at 9:00 AM EST. See his live streaming market profile combined with candle volume charts showing entries and risks levels.
  • Be privy to Linda’s livestreaming video showing trading setups being worked throughout the day.
  • Lighten up at lunchtime with occasional educational lectures, guests and trading stories when markets are slow.
  • Come in for a smooth landing the last hour as Damon steers the ship with live streaming and audio in the index futures.
  • Develop the consistent, confident trader inside you with a supportive professional environment!



Damon and I have over 80 years combined experience in the professional trading side of the financial markets. There is no other husband and wife team who has traded the markets daily for 40+ years, held multiple exchange memberships, made the transition to upstairs electronic trading, and has been pioneers in technology for developing execution software and high-speed connectivity. We also have been in the hedge fund/managed money space for 60 combined years. As traders, CTA, Commodity Pool Operator, overseeing execution for the largest funds, commercial hedging and even allocating our private capital to other hedge funds, we’ve participated in every exhausting angle with notable industry success!

We both retired from our primary careers that required us to be registered entities, and for the first time can sit side by side and enjoy a camaraderie that comes from our shared market involvement.

We thought it would be fun to extend this shared camaraderie with others, provide a supportive trading environment filled with continuous trade ideas, and invite you to look at the market through our eyes!

No gimmicks, tricks or ridiculous indicators, just classic technical analysis, intraday swing trading and auction theory with support and resistance levels.

It is a privilege and honor to share what we know while keeping our own selves engaged in the markets throughout the day. Supporting us in our endeavor is the amazing Mr. Kyle Potter who makes this project possible.


We use Zoom video and audio to broadcast two separate monitors throughout the day. Members can choose to watch one or both.