Good Morning Traders!   Heavy volume marked the start of the year as might be expected.  Range expansion in Indexes, EC/$ ,  Metals, Crude, Beans, Hogs, even Cocoa.  Indexes can still test below PDL since there was range exapnsion,  however, any further down will set up a Buy at least for a scalp.   There are buy divergences on the 18/20,000 tick charts.  A full retest up is unlikley since Tuesday’s close was on light volume and manipulated for year end marks. 

SPs:  support 1822, 1819.50…to upside, resistance 1833, 1835, 1837.50

Pinball Buys:  Indexes,  BP, Look for trade from long side (but can test around lows first)  …. SI GC – buy morning dip for scalp – (gold new 2 per momo highs);    Bonds – 3 bar triangle….;  EC – Z day after range exapnsion breakout;  Yeh – 9639 = daily EMA,  CL – damage done!  NG –  2-per ROC flip up,  C – 2-per ROC Buy Div,  W – 10-day BUY DIV window;  Cows – RS leaders, on extended run…..